New Pixie And Brutus Comics That Will Make Your Day

Coming from Pixie and Brutus (here, here and here), you want to meet in real life that there are some of them. Also, even though you can’t actually pet these adorable four-legged critters, illustrator Ben Hed keeps delivering strips that can without a doubt fulfill everybody’s hunger for adorableness. The couple has earned Ben more than 1 million Instagram followers, keeping him as occupied as ever.

Ben, be that as it may, isn’t threatened by his gigantic fanbase. “My inventive procedure isn’t any unexpected now in comparison to it was back when I had 25k followers,” he revealed to Bored Panda. “I have possessed the capacity to progress to delineation as my all day occupation, and it’s everything because of those folks and their mind-boggling support for my comics. I realize it sounds buzzword, yet I can’t express gratitude toward them enough.”

“Pixie is a little, upbeat, lively cat,” the craftsman said. “She’s honest, and furthermore somewhat careless in regards to the serious, hazardous stuff around her.” On the other hand, Brutus is a substantial, scar-confronted German Shepherd. “He was received by Pixie’s proprietor in the wake of resigning as a Military Working Dog (MWD). Brutus, from numerous points of view, is the correct inverse of Pixie. He’s… Seen things. He’s an intense and scaring military dog, however he has a weakness for Pixie, and does what he can to shield her from the brutal realities of their General atmosphere “Continue searching to see their most recent experiences!




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