Guy Shares What His Co-Worker James Does At Work And His Lack Of Common Sense Is Hilarious

Everyone with an office job knows that while the mundane setting of the business grows monotonous, it is often brightened up by shameless easygoing quality that is shared between the associates attempting to get away from the daily practice. And keeping in mind that most identities are fairly manageable, now and then somebody beautiful develops. In Kaleb Harmon’s case, it was an understudy named James.

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Kaleb Harmon shared a few goodies around an understudy at his work that are very engaging

Back in July, Harmon took to Twitter to share some amusing circumstances that he ascribed to an assistant. From getting 15 cheddar puffs in succession with his mouth to wearing an American banner tank best to work, James is by all accounts brimming with amazements that are immaculate to share between your companions (and on the web). And keeping in mind that some theorize that James may be Harmon’s anecdotal creation, regardless of whether he’s genuine or not, the assistant is certain enternaiting!

People quickly joined the discussion about James’ shenanigans

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