Did This Grandpa Get Isolated On Christmas Because He Didn’t Learn English, Or Because He Didn’t Teach Kids Spanish?

Learning another language is hard! There are lots of things that influence the level of success you are likely to have, and for reasons unknown, some people’s brains are simply not wired for linguistic greatness. Your instruction, family foundation, self-certainty and the trouble of the objective language are obviously going to have an impact as well.

Jose Hernandez went on Twitter and shared the sad story of a grandpa who just wasn’t ready to make the stride of learning English, and it cost him the capacity to speak with his own family.

In the cutting edge world, where people travel and move considerably more regularly than they used to, the significance of being multi-lingual has developed. For some reason, the benefit of having the capacity to impart in another language has never entirely been perceived in mainstream American culture and is bound to be seen with suspicion as opposed to deference in some areas. This family, with Latin American legacy, have obviously coordinated well into life in the United States and have turned out to be accustomed to speaking English, and just English, with one another.

This sad, yet surprisingly regular story incited some extremely interesting reactions, uncovering what life resembles experiencing childhood in a migrant household and the significance of language to one’s personality. It also showed the distinction in people’s opinions on where the point the finger at lies for this issue. What do you think?

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