Brides Asks Guests To Dress Based On Their Weight, Completely Loses It When Someone Shames Her On Reddit

Either the thought of getting married temporarily messes up their heads, or they’re simply obsessive narcissists, however a few ladies truly flaunt their most noticeably bad hues previously they even say “I do.” I mean, beyond any doubt, the lady of the hour is the center of consideration at most weddings, yet that doesn’t mean they turn into the center of the universe, too.


This wife-to-be, for example, made such ridiculous dress code demands, one of the invitees leaked them on the web. What do you think occurred after she got some answers concerning it? I’ll give you a clue, it wasn’t a reminder. Look down to look at how she lost her sh*t, and in the event that you will have a hard time believing people can be so preposterous, investigate the bride who asked her guests $1,500 each.


Here’s the post she was discussing on the off chance that you were pondering what the demands were:


We chose to outline what the “thin guests” should wear. Ladies: 100-160 LBS


Men 100-200 LBS


People were only astounded after perusing the entire thing:


Someone later likewise shared this guests reaction to the bride after she declared the “Polygraph party”

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