Artist Perfectly Explains Why Women Can Look Girly After A Feminist Says They Shouldn’t

There is a ceaseless exchange about male-centric society and the effect it has on society’s significance of womanliness and manliness. It may some of the time create the impression that being ‘girly’ is a consequence of male-centric society and a long history of men advising ladies to dress and look a specific way. In any case, unique occasions it tends to be inside and out an instance of ladies simply expecting to wear dresses, a style that fits into the sufficient type of culture.

As of late, artist Kiana Mcmillian got a considerable measure of consideration online subsequent to sharing one of her illustrations on her blog

Image credits: Kiana McMillian

This isn’t the first time Kiana has shared some of her work online. the artist already has a blog dedicated to her specialty where she shares all sorts of charming outlines. Be that as it may, out of all her work, this picture representing her switching style while growing up has started the greatest discussion.

One client quickly announced that women who dress girly are casualties of male centric society

It is a common issue in the present society for people to pass judgment on others dependent on what they wear. Usually comprehended that woman who wants to wear dresses, cosmetics and invest more energy in their appearance may do as such as a result of a long history man controlled society and men advising woman that they have to look a specific way.

However, Kiana was not having it, she quickly reacted to these cases by clarifying why women ought to be allowed to wear whatever they need


Another client additionally reacted by saying that some women are hesitant to look female since they are disgraced for being too girly


With more than 177,000 reblogs the post quickly turned into a web sensation with people supporting Kiana and saying that each woman ought to be allowed to dress anyway they need to without others passing judgment on them for their choice.


Numerous people went to Kiana’s guard



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