10+ Art Fails That Will Make You Lose Faith In Humanity!

At the point when Art Goes Wrong!

They say that life mimics workmanship right? Well in life we commit errors, a lot of missteps, so it’s solitarily reasonable to say that botches in craftsmanship, are additionally a typical event. We should investigate craftsmanship, we realize things don’t generally go to design, why not take a gander at the occasions when everything went somewhat amiss, we have chosen to convey to you our main ten workmanship falls flat, we as a whole commit errors right? We get a kick out of the chance to think we are doing an open administration, all things considered, how are we intended to gain from our mix-ups except if we return to them once in a while?

#1 I Love Muff

We are going to ease you into this list with an honest mistake, it’s honest, you must have a very dirty mind, the dog is called Muff ……obviously!


#2 Lookalikes??

We get it, we all have to start somewhere and we were all new once but you would think before you release someone on a priceless ancient fresco some sort of portfolio would have had to be seen? Clearly not, in this case, we hear that the artist went on to be a forensic sketch artist for the police, perhaps why so many criminals remain on the loose.


#3 Should have done your research…..

So art comes in all forms, tattoos? definitely, an art form mastered by some tattoo artists but sadly not all, we have no words for this one except maybe someone helps this guy find a good laser removal service. Let this be a lesson to anyone thinking of getting a family member tattoo to do your homework first lest you be scarred for life with the most hideous version of your precious offspring.


#4 Baby Jesus replaced by a gremlin.

Now for some classic art in the form of a beautiful icon of the Virgin Mary and the Holy child …..eh? that’s meant to be Jesus?? A) what was the crafter of this masterpiece thinking? And B) what is the Baby Jesus thinking? Possibly thinking about world domination judging by the look in his eyes or is he just plain stoned? We will let you decide.


#5 Chum Bucket

This is a personal favourite and yet another Spongebob reference, why does that strange little sponge keep cropping up? We love the innocence of this one, a picture that to even the purest of mind transforms into a bucket of filth, an innocent bucket of chum becomes something else entirely, is that what hooks a fish these days?


#6 What happened to Owen Wilson?

Some portrait work for you now, from someone who should have avoided art, portraits or just picking up a pencil at all costs! When we were younger and a kid wasn’t too good at something tough love usually worked but sadly we are now in an age when honesty is apparently not always the best policy, yes Mrs Clarke, little Darryl is so good at football, yes Mrs Williams, Little Bertie should definitely take up art when he is older …….LIES.



#7 Its happened again!

#8 Its happened again!

We couldn’t help it, this tickled us too much to miss off this list, one of the most beautiful women in the world totally transformed ……into something from a horror movie, truly horrific, please God never let Jennifer Aniston see this.

#9 You paid HOW MUCH for that rubbish??

You may ask yourself why this picture is here, well let’s tell you, this is an ‘Art Installation’ yes we said it, its an art installation apparently, placed in the centre of a popular town in England and the best bit? This skip with lights on was part of the town’s annual arts festival, funded as part of a £95,000 government grant. Speechless!


#10 Erm……He was in a good mood when he modeled for this one!

I don’t think we need to say much about this art installation other than it has a mini (or not so mini) installation of its own. Wonder what was on the great Ronaldo’s mind when he posed for this?……….


#11 Nail art can fail too

Ok so its not classic art but its still an art form and its definitely still a fail, enough said!


#12 Nailed it, arrest that man!

The aforementioned Police sketch artist who should have concentrated on any other career, seriously, ANY OTHER CAREER other than this one, step away from the pencil.


#13 Sponge cake square fail

The castle in Turkey looked more like this well-known cartoon character than this cake does, cake, we called it a cake but that’s probably more than a little optimistic!


#14 Can’t unsee this one

The question really is was this intentional, accidental or honest? Either way it’s huge and something we just can’t unsee, truly unholy!.


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